Cemetery Road Collection are currently only selling through markets in the Wanaka and Queenstown regions - but please get in touch if you need anything xxx


Now based in Wanaka, Cemetery Road Collection initially started in the relaxed coastal community of Te Arai. Juggling two toddler boys didn’t leave much time, yet I still had a strong desire to create,.... hence Cemetery Road Collection was born.  Why ‘Cemetery Road’ ? Simply because that is the road where I lived.
  I started making earthy little planters, adorned with succulents and cactus, selling them at the local Mangawhai Markets...people loved them and generously purchased more pieces for their homes giving me encouragement to develop further.

My work has been described as fun, organic and beautiful! I love imperfections, just like humans have, and with steer away from ceramic techniques such as sanding and trimming. I embrace roughness, earthiness and natural asymmetry, letting it guide the production process.

Cemetery Road Collection remains a part time business with production on a considered scale.